2022 ECONATION AUDIO Competition &

Econation Audio Festival is the best narrative audio and film festival worldwide — across borders and languages — and seeks to challenge barriers to entry in the industry and to Econation itself. We aim to capture a snapshot of the audio and film landscape while igniting a future of possibility, evolution, and increased equity in the field of narrative storytelling, podcast, music, sfx and many more.

season 1

  • Aping Edwin Porter - James O'Donnell - Best Comedy Short Film, Best Directorial Debut, Best Cinematography & Best Sound Design  

  • The Haunted Jizo of Shimo-Mizuno, Sayama City - Mitsuo Kurihara - Best Feature Film 

  • Delilah - Nika Agiashvili - Finalist - Best Short Film 

  • Argent Glass (feat. Char) - Katsuyuki Nakanishi - Best Music Video 

  • Murder, She Told - Kristen Seavey - Best Podcast (Above 30 Minutes)

  • Murder, She Told - Kristen Seavey - Best Narrative Audio Story 

  • Iced - Jeffrey Morin - Best Podcast (Below 30 Minutes)

  • Awakening the Internal Sound: the music and mission of Rabindra Goswami - Kevin Taylor Anderson - Best Documentary Short Film 

  • The Dark Forest - Martin Del Carpio - Best Experimental Short Film 

  • War With Myself - Sal Mallimo - Best Inspirational Film

  • The Eve - Luca Machnich - Best Horror Short Film, Best Actor, Best Make Up, Best Special Effects, Best Director, Best Producer & Best Costume

  • Somebody's Baby - Mervyn McCracken - Best Short Film 

  • The Runner - James Walton - Best Women's Short Film 

  • The Second Age of Aquarius - Staci Layne Wilson - Best Music Director