Who Are We?


Echonation Audio & Film Festival is the first of its kind in the world. Driven by a passion for diverse music and audio, three audio enthusiasts decided to start this unique festival. We want to bring together people from all parts of the world who share our love and enthusiasm for audio and its impact on cinema. While audio is our focal point, we intensely focus on the other aspects of filmmaking and screenplay writing. Based in the historic city of Edinburgh, Scotland, interest and inspiration about cinematic sounds and a diverse range of audio came naturally to us. As known to all, this bustling city with its myriad soundscapes has been the centre of attraction for culture enthusiasts for centuries.

What are the categories of entries for participation?


Echonation Audio & Film Festival is an online festival that strives to promote a diverse range of independent and organizational audio channels, filmmakers & screenplay writers. For our initial seasons, the languages in which we are accepting audio stories are - English, French, German, Hindi, Bengali, Italian, Japanese and Korean. However, the films need to have English subtitles and screenplays should be in English in order to be accepted as entries. Apart from audio stories, Echonation Audio Festival will also be open for entries from all categories of sounds like cinematic intros, background music, original scores, original film soundtracks, ambient sound designs, SFX and foley sounds, vocals, independent music, etc.

Why did we start?


We are the first of its kind Audio Festival in the world. As life-long audio enthusiasts ourselves, we strive to bring together musicians, vocalists, podcasters and different kinds of sound lovers in this online festival. As we conceptualized the first-ever audio festival in the world, we wanted to provide a platform and a network to audio creators across the globe. This festival will promote both independent and organizational audio channels, filmmakers, screenplay writers and bring together people from various backgrounds globally. Through Echonation Audio & Film Festival, audio story creators and audiophiles, film enthusiasts and makers in every capacity will be able to connect with each other and be empowered to reach out to a much larger global audience.

What do we dream to achieve?

Our dream is to take our unique festival to heights where it becomes a staple for audiophiles and filmmakers around the world. With the recent global boom in audio stories, we see Echonation Audio Festival reach out to all corners of the world, uniting and empowering audio enthusiasts for generations to come.